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Olds Pest Management Consulting, LLC

Dedicated to solving your pest management problems

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Olds Pest Management Consulting, LLC (OPMC) is a small business located in Santa Fe, NM. The business was founded in 2007 and is oriented toward assisting federal, state, local governments and private industry with pest management problems.

Olds Pest Management Consulting, LLC is owned and operated by Kenneth Olds. He has 30 years experience with Department of Defense pest management including over twenty years involvement with the Armed Forces Pest Management Board. He has been involved in pest management consulting for over eight years.

Although a small business, we have the ability to partner with a number of other small pest management consulting businesses to provide a team for large-scale projects.

We recognize that while pesticides may be needed in certain pest management situations, we strive to find a control method not involving pesticides. If the pesticides are necessary, we will recommend those having the least toxic properties and those having the least impact on the environment.
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Olds Pest Managmement Consulting, LLC
16 Condesa Road
Santa Fe, NM 87508-9153
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